Alannah + Gabriel 

October 2016

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Alannah said... 
Oh man, I get emotional when I think about The Bradford, the owners (one of whom happened to be my day of planner - the best planner of all time! Shout out to Dana at C&D events) and the team that makes it such a special, beautiful, perfect place to get married. Everyone was immensely accommodating and kind during the wedding planning process but the real magic became crystal clear on our wedding day, which was right smack dab in the middle of Hurricane Matthew's attack on North Carolina. Everyone at The Bradford worked (WORKED in all caps for emphasis) so incredibly hard, running through the rain, driving all over town in terrible conditions, recruiting help from everyone they knew, securing a tent that was probably very scary with the wind gusts and so much more than that from morning until night to make sure we had a beautiful wedding. Our original plan was to have the ceremony & reception outside but everything changed drastically once the storm changed course. The whole team was flexible (pushed off the hurricane plan until the very last minute because they wanted my wedding dreams to come true), beyond accommodating (they allowed us to extend the wedding an hour and leave soo much stuff there that we couldn't get together the night of), so calm & collected, so diligent and somehow amongst it all, so amazing to be around. They went ABOVE AND BEYOND for us, shielded me from all of the stressful decisions that were being made, and gave me one of the best days of my life thus far! I will always be immensely grateful for their hard work and dedication. The Bradford is gorgeous and that should definitely be acknowledged but the people behind this venue are the real shining stars!