We Are Still Here...........

So just to check in Blog world...we are still here..in body anyhow, I lost my mind awhile ago!

What's been going on....

The Cottage - I think when we last updated Dana was on a roof putting up boots so we could pass Mechanical inspection...we passed that by the way....passed Insulation inspection right after and then spent a 3 week stint in Drywall Purgatory...What's that you say??? Well it is the place you end up when your framer tells you he has a drywall crew and then proceeds to send out his inexperienced relatives to do the job....horrendously....then quit without hanging the vaulted ceiling. (That's the first step) THEN you call various and sundry drywallers who either a) can't find someone to hang the few remaining boards b) can't be upfront about pricing c) just won't do the the job because it is too much work following the original "drwallers" (2nd Step...this is where you spend the most amount of time!)

How do you get out of purgatory?? Good question...it just takes money friends - we paid someone DOUBLE the going rate to fix what had been done and finish the job...agonizing I tell you!! We certainly aren't rolling in it over here and have had several unexpected expenses pop up...we have been doing the shuffle!

We are finishing up all finishes as we speak - few more soffits to hang, little exterior paint, floors are half in, kitchens are getting assembled, HVAC getting charged, plumbing finished, trim and doors and we are done!

There have been lot's of silver linings though...like an awesome Septic guy that assisted us with the plumbing (because that guy was less than awesome!) and a great Day-Labor company that sent out a plumber to finish up where the other one left off. We will share all of those stories soon....We just need to get Dana's family moved in first!

The Carriage House - Not started yet....set to close tentatively next Wednesday -Fingers crossed people!

The Venue - Moving right along! We have a little bit of brick left to finish on the stairs and then all the exterior finishes will be finished. We are currently working on the electrical (Mikhail had to tackle due to budget constraints), plumbing and HVAC have already finished. Once that gets completed we will fire stop, insulate, and Drywall! We are super excited to get to the finishing stage of phase 1...we can finally see all those chandeliers and cabinets installed that we have been purchasing and storing for half a year now!

That's about it over here - minus the weddings, kids, pregnancy, and what not!

Pictures coming soon - I realized I have not a single updated picture on my phone....I know it's terrible!