Still crazy over here....pretty sure Dana is on a roof right now trying to install "Boots" on a pipe....I really hope to retroactively post a few "how - to's" and "how-not-to's" in the near future. Just know that we are pressing forward, working a lot!, trying to remain civil, and get to our deadline(s)!

We did FINALLY get news that the framer will be done next week on the venue...we are only like 3 weeks behind there! Doors and windows get delivered Monday and I am SUPER excited to see them. I will make it a point to post pictures soon!

For now...we have started enlisting help from advertisers and will soon be in Southern Bride and Groom with a rendering of our "soon" to be completed structure. I will give you a little sneak peak here...I think they look awesome...but I am partial!

Driveway may be a little different...but over all this looks pretty close to the vision!