Coordinating, Building, Designing....oh my!

That pretty much sums it up! Post done...

Seriously...things that have not made the list....

Laundry - I have rewashed the same load 4 times this week!

Cooking - Isn't take out the same thing??

Cleaning - Let's not even go house looks like the fall out from Chernobyl!

Car Maintenance - Both of my headlights have been out of commission for a week now and I                                     have not had time to get the the dealership to get them fixed (for free mind you). I mean                                 who doesn't like a high beam or two in their eyes while driving down the road!

Banking - Have not managed to get to the bank in weeks and have lots to deposit!

Friends - I seriously had to schedule a phone call with my friend the other day...she missed the appt. and                I have not been able to have a meaningful conversation since....what is this world coming to when
               you have to schedule phone convos!

It's  a season....that what I tell myself...this too shall pass....I just can't see when!

No worries, blog world, it is not all for not...I think we may be able to get the Kadwells in their house by our D-day.....(that is when the lease runs out and they have to rely on friends, parents, and in-laws for lodging) Which if anyone out there has ever "roomed with kids" knows can get very dicey!

A design picture post soon....I am leaving that up to Dana!