What is Going On???

So we have not updated this blog in a while or given a status on all things venue related in forever! Partly laziness, I think, especially on Dana's part...I mean really Dana when WAS your last post??? We have been at a bit of a stand still with the venue due to a labor cost increase (Like over 25% ) on the framing. We spend all free time last week on the phone with potential framing contractors to find one that could fit our time-line and budget. On top of that, we went ahead and pulled permits for the first cottage which we are paying for with various bank accounts and credit cards! Therefor we spent the REST of our free time lining up a concrete contractor and plumber to start this whole process!

Needless to say it has been cra-zy over here! I feel like I am doggy paddling through life just trying to keep my head above water concentrating on just the immediate need/fire to put out. So I thought I would just list out the venue/cottage fires put out in the past week....more for us! Sometimes it feels like you aren't moving forward when in actuality things are being accomplished!

1. Paid and applied for the water tap fee
2. Filled out and applied for permits
3. Narrowed down a concrete contractor
4. Found another concrete contractor when the first one inexplicably raised his quote 2500.00
5. Spoke with county inspectors to answer the new concrete guy's questions
6. Found two qualified Framers that are in our budget and fit in our timeline (This seems trivial but seriously...days of our lives were taken up with line item 6!)
7. Met a plumber out at the property
8. Got quotes from many more plumbers
7. Picked a plumber out that was only slightly more than our budget...
8. Got a Roofing quote for the cottage (way under budget - woohoo!)
9. Decided on a roofer!
10. Learned that our permits were NOT being processed.....apparently you need a Construction Authorization for the septic...not just the improvement permit.
11. Re-scheduled all sub contractors
12. Scheduled the lot(s) to be brush cleared and scraped
13. Staked the foundation out for Dana's Cottage
14. Found a sink/faucet/and shelf thingy at the restore for Dana's cottage (great find really!)
15. Did NOT find windows at restore - decided we need to do more research there....
16. And handled/met with/confirmed vendors for our brides (Do our actual job....)
17. Kept the kiddos alive
18. Some of us continued to grow a baby...

I am 100% sure I am leaving something off...but you get the idea! It has been busy...super busy....over here!

Where the first cottage is going....notice the lack of weed/tree like structures!