The Possibilities of a Courtyard....

So we went to visit the property this weekend (Mikhail, the kiddos, and I) and the foundation is 99% finished...there are a few brick that need to be added to finish out the stairs (front and back). It is going to look so flairs out a bit on the sides and gives it a look of grandeur that just screams wedding!Mason had so many questions about "the Princess's house" and "Where she will get married"....It got me think of how many couples will be getting married on those back steps with there guests sitting in the courtyard...and it made me smile!

That courtyard is one of the aspects of the house that I am most excited about! The possibilities are endless! I can see ceremonies out is large enough to fit a good sized group of people. I think it would be great for a cocktail hour for that bride that just wants a taste of outside...but doesn't want to fully commit! I would love it tented with both ballrooms open to make one huge, cohesive space! On a great Fall evening I think it would be so much fun to have the band and dancing out there...while still getting to eat in a bug-free environment!

I was perusing some courtyard inspiration I wanted to share with you! It made me super (inner Dana) excited to stylize our own!

So pretty and Fresh!
Rehearsal dinner anyone??

Who doesn't want to get married here?!
Love this dinner option - throw in a few market lights and call it a party!