Going in a Different (sort-of) Direction

So you know that old saying that goes "The best laid plans...." I think that saying was invented or coined for the construction of the Bradford. We have a general idea the majority of the time as to where we are going...but the how to get there is always in question. Barring any natural...or county disasters... we pretty much have a plan for how to get the main structure built...the cottages have been stumping us lately!

Now that we are in motion on the main house (Woo Hoo) We have been able to focus on the "where are we going to live" portion of the project. While the carriage house is perfect..and we designed it to fit our needs, we thought that possibly building a one-story structure may be more economical and allow us to do more of the work ourselves (Height = more complicated). Dana and I researched a few plans and decided on a 953 square foot plan that utilized space well and accommodated all of the needs of their family of four. I know it seems small, but we are both used to living in small at this point (I in a small house and Dana in a 2 bedroom apartment) and have found the convenience of it quite nice! Anyhow, any real entertaining we want to do will just take place in the bed and breakfast next door!

We want to keep it all in line with the "French semi-country" feel we have going on so here are a few of the exterior inspirations! Stay tuned for more info (Plans SHOULD be in today...but you know how that goes...)

french cottage - Google Search
Picked this one out because it uses asphalted roofing...and I liked it! So many French Country cottages use a slate, tile, or wood roof which is really cost prohibitive! 

french cottage - Google Search
Loved the door color here...Dana may not know it, but at least her back French doors will be this color!

french cottage - Google Search
This is really close to what the front of the house will look like - false dormer and all! I do love the vines  too! Anyone have an idea of the type of vines that DON'T do damage to your siding?