The Honeymoon!

So I feel like I should actually finish up my marriage segment since I took a hiatus for crafts and what feels like a dozen weddings and talk about the honeymoon; the beginning of forever!  There are serval  different theories about how honeymooning came about (some are actually terrifying!), but today it is the time for newly weds to go off on their own and spend quality alone time together! There is no set time you have to go on your honeymoon.  Some people wait a month, some go immediately from their wedding and I even know some that have waited a year! When and where doesn't really matter as long as you're getting quality time with your sweetie.

For my honeymoon my husband and I (Brandon - I guess I should name him at this point =)) went on a cruise around the Caribbean.  His first, my second.  We went in January two weeks after our wedding so the hot weather was very welcomed by us!  For us, this was perfect!  We used those two weeks prior to get him all moved in and settled.  The nice thing about cruises is that everything is included except for alcohol, souvenirs, and the excursions.  It was so nice for us to not have to think about anything except each other and what all we wanted to do and see on this trip.  Also, cruises LOVE honeymooners!  When we showed up, our room was decortated with hearts and banners and there was a chilled bottle of wine comliments of the captain (Along with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries my in-laws had called ahead and arranged for us - did I get lucky or what!?).  The other nice thing was we had no contact with the outside world! You have to pay for Internet and if you used your phone, expect your bill to be through the roof! We literally COULDN'T do any work, check Facebook, twitter, Instagram, call anyone or text.  It was amazing!  We woke up when we wanted, ate and drank when we wanted (I did not have one bad meal - tip for future cruisers: take the stairs everywhere and you won't gain a pound and can eat anything!), did whatever activities we wanted.  I highly recommend a cruise to anyone newlywed or not!

Here are some of our favorite pics:

Honeymooner's gathering!

Food art!

The Royal Promenade!  This was where all the shops, quick eateries and the casino were located.

Our room all decorated by the cruise staff.

Enjoying some balcony drinks!

 Our dinner hall.  This is three stories and the food was to die for!

Handprints in the sand... =)

Don't forget the towel animals!

Dinner one night....

Enjoying some local eats and drinks in the Cayman Islands.

Whatever you and your new hubby/wife do for your honeymoon, remember this advice:
1). Don't be afraid to splurge a little! After all, you only get one honeymoon
2). Tell everyone you meet you're on your honeymoon!  You'll be surprised at the service you'll get. Everyone loves honeymooners!
3). Try to stay OFF you're phones!  This trip is about you and your new spouse!
4). And lastly and most importantly.... HAVE FUN!!!