Future Bradford Site and a quick tip

Friday we (Courtney, me, and all the kiddos) went out to the property to check out the future Bradford site. The kiddos were appeased with slushies and the promises of running around. The first thing we noticed was the Chapel Hill grit on the drive - it made it MUCH nicer to drive on! I can't wait until the entire drive is like that. Right now, it feels kind of like Mr. Toad's wild ride (total side note: I am completely bummed there is no more "Mr. Toad's wild ride" - it was a favorite of mine as a kid!) Once you looped around the back, you saw..

No more tall weedy things where the venue will be!

Such a great site!
A little bit more of a full picture
 The clearing obviously left a lot of dirt - which we wanted to keep for top soil for the septic. The kids, well Courtney's kids, were immediately fascinated by the "mountain" and ran straight for it.

Mason checking it out

Mason and Nora starting the climb

My kids are not interested

Henry laughing at his cousins
Here is the quick tip: don't let your kids climb a big pile of just upturned soil. Why, do you ask? Well, about 5 minutes in, Nora starts crying. We think she had just hit a stick or something and then Courtney goes, "Oh God, she is covered in ants!" We start panicking, she is out of our reach and she is just screaming, not moving and Courtney is yelling at me to get her down so I just yank her foot hoping I would catch her! We got her down and stripped her naked to get all the ants off. It was TERRIBLE! She had over 100 bites easily. She calmed down, we gave her some medicine and she was fine. Needless to say we felt like fantastic parents! Courtney said she complained a little bit about it, but for the most part was undeterred by the bites. In fact, she keeps asking when she could go back to the "mountain." Never baby girl - Never!