DIY: how to design a website

Today I would like to give a quick tutorial on how to design your website. It is three, simple, easy steps! Are you ready??

1. Decide it is time for a new site and don't rest until it is done!
2. Google every question even if it is as simple as "how to change the font."
3. And lastly, the MOST your husband for lots of help.

So, not really a tutorial..but I am so happy to say that we have redesigned our website! With lots of help from Sam, Google, and my tunnel vision, we got it done! There are still a few kinks (can't get my font to stay on all screens, and the contact us page doesn't seem to want to send an e-mail). But nothing major! I have meetings today, so I am not able to mess with it until tonight. Who am I kidding..I would have to wait for Sam anyways :)

It was interesting and mind boggling messing with HTML and CSS codes, but I learned a lot and I feel comfortable getting something elementary up for The Bradford!

Happy Friday and check out our new site!!