Venue Update..sort of..

Not too much exciting news over here. We are still waiting on the Permits to get back, which should be (cross your fingers!) this week. It still feels way to surreal to me, so until there is a foundation on that lovely piece of dirt, I just don't think I will believe it.

We have been in a constant state of crunching numbers. I swear every time I turn around, I am looking at that dang spreadsheet with the big fat negative sign at the end. Basically telling me that I am going to have to sell my self to get this whole thing done. Well not really..but it sure feels that way. I can give you the exact cost of things to the penny. I have so much anxiety about getting the shell of this built. I just feel like once we are over that hurdle - I can breathe.

The good news is that everyone - I mean EVERYONE is so very excited about this project. Photographers, caterers, DJ's, all our buds in the industry are so stoked that we are finally here. Even the bank that is going to give us a business loan to finish out the project is super excited. I am sure for them - it is just a solid investment - but they have been so positive and want to come out and see it all coming together. I was the most nervous about that piece and it honestly has been not nerve wracking at all. We have great lenders and they are so willing to go the extra mile to help us out.  I can't even imagine us starting this journey with a better support system. So, to all our friends, colleagues, and family - Thanks - we are finally on our way!

THE Venue
Pretty soon this will be a reality..