tWINE Bottle

Today I figured I'd switch things up and throw a cheap and simple, but cute, DIY your way.  A tWINE bottle!  I picked this craft for this week because I am definitely not the best person when it comes to DIY projects!  So if you're like me, have no fear! You can do this!  All you need is any type of glass bottle, I picked a wine bottle, some twine or jute, and hot glue and you're set! 

Start at the base of the bottle and glue down the first couple of layers.

After you get the first couple of layers glued down you can pretty much just wrap the twine around the bottle without any glue until you get to where the bottle starts sloping towards the neck.  Once you get close to the neck, you'll notice the twine will start slipping.  You'll need to start gluing each layer.  You'll need to be quick because hot glue on cold glass dries pretty fast!

Once you get to the neck of the bottle, you can begin wrapping it again without any hot glue and just glue down your last two layers and you've got yourself a tWINE bottle!  

Tune in next Thursday to see how I decorate my tWINE bottle!  Hint*  I will hopefully be showing you all how to make some burlap flowers!  *Fingers crossed!*