This is how I feel..

I wish I had a picture of some permits to show you or even a big truck on the property clearing the lot. But I don't. And the reason is that we were delayed...again..and I seriously feel like pulling my hair out. 

Why? Well we were all set, everything was ready - and then I get a text - the plans need to be changed. What? Yes- it needs to be a 2 hour fire wall instead of 1 hour. Then I spent the rest of the night trying to find a firewall that would not seriously cripple us financially. I spent hours on the phone with the architect, contractor, county inspector, permitting, and commercial architect. And finally- FINALLY the plans came in yesterday. They are perfect and sent to the printers. 

I can not tell you how frustrating this particular process has been. If you had asked me a year ago what I thought the hardest part would be, I would have told you re-zoning. And yet, that was the easiest. I hope things only get smoother and less rocky because I may just be bald by the end of it.