The DIY Reveal!!

So I'd say the flowers were definitely a success!!!  Here's my finished tWINE bottle.....

For my bouquet  I did five burlap roses, 3 white and two chocolate brown.
Here is all you need!  Burlap, buttons (for button daisy along with a needle and thick thread), a skewer, pipe cleaners, and some hot glue and you're set! 

For the burlap rose bouquet, I loosely followed this video for the roses.

For mine, I used some burlap fabric instead of buying the ribbon.  I cut the burlap about two inches wide and 48 inches long.  This can be modified depending on how big or small you want your roses to be. 

For my five flowers I only made one with a skewer stem (shown below) and the other four with pipe cleaner stems since the opening of a wine bottle is not very big.  I also glued down each of my petals as I went along in constructing my flowers to make them more secure.

Once you complete all five of your roses, you want to attach them to the main stem (skewer).  To do this, I just places my rose where I wanted it in the bouquet and wrapped the pipe cleaners tight and close together down the stem.   

Once I finished attaching each pipe cleaner to the main stem. I glued the bases of the roses together as well so they wouldn't droop since they're in a wine bottle.

 And you have a burlap rose bouquet!!!!  

The button daisy is a lot simpler and very quick to make!  All you need is a button, a needle and some thick thread, and a strip of burlap about an inch wide and 22 inches long.  First, you want to thread your button.

Then you want to thread your needle through the burlap a little over and inch from one of the ends.

Next, you want to fold your burlap over about 2.5 inches and thread your needle through the next layer to make a loop.

You will then fold your burlap back another 2.5 inches to make another loop.  Repeat this process until you have something that looks like this.

Once you have reaches the end of your fabric, you will just push it all together and fan out the loops you created.  You will end up with something like this.

Then you simply knot the back and attach to your tWINE bottle with some hot glue and that's it!!!!  I hope you enjoy this DIY craft as much as I have!!!  Happy crafting!!!