DIY: Upcycle Bridesmaid's Dress

Who remembers this from FOREVER ago?? Well, we did complete our outfits, but we never officially blogged about it. I wore mine out with my handsome man for a Valentine's Date and I really loved it! After wearing it for a few hours, I did decide to take the boning out on the side, but other than that - it was comfy and I felt so pretty in it! Here is my tutorial on how I did it..

What I started with! 

First - I measured it straight down, I wanted a straight look, not a triangular shape.

I used Tailor's chalk - which is such an ingenious idea. 

Then sewed it on the line to create the side hem. I didn't not cut yet - and thank goodness I didn't. 

This "simple" little step took me 2 days and about an entire roll of thread. I tried it on and it was too tight on my hips. I tried again - too big. Again- too tight. So I decided to make it curved - bad idea - I looked like I had saddle bags. I sewed these side seams- not exaggerating about 25 times. Until I get the bright idea to trace something of similar fabric (this is VERY important) and similar fit I was going for..

The dress that made me stop wanting to pull my hair out. After this - it was perfict! 
 Onto the Peplum..
I cut about 8 inches off the hem so that I didn't have to sew the bottom of the peplum

I pleated it every 4 inches

Sew down the pleats

All sewed down

I wanted to add a "belted" look to it. So I used some black sheer fabric and placed it face to face to the pleated hem
I then added black fabric on top of that
How it was layered

Sewed it all down
Checked my seams
Then I folded it over to the other side and sewed it down

I tried it on and made sure everything was good, then I measured and hemmed the bottom

The Finished Product..
The Jewelry. I used a bunch of different strands and braided them together
Not too bad- eh?
I really loved this project - as frustrating as it was! Any good upcycles lately?