Venue Update...........Plans!!

I don't know what part of this project is going to be easy/go smoothly...we should have braced ourselves for all that could go wrong based on our experience with the YEAR LONG journey (almost) trying to get these plans! We started last August and were promised completed plans then in October, twice in November, once in December, Every weekend in January, twice in February, on Wednesdays and Fridays in March, and then finally received them in April. I am surprised that Dana has not had a coronary....I really thought she would at any point from December on . So this has really put us behind the eight-ball on many different levels...It caused our estimates to be off from our contractor, pushed Dana and Sam out of their lease, Definitely (obviously) delayed construction, caused us to get a re-appraisal and delayed the closing until today!

All this to say friends, you have to know when it is time to cut bait and run in a different direction...this is something we should have done last December! Yes it would have cost us more in the short run but I think in the long run it would have actually saved us time, money, heartache, added years to our life, etc....

While this is definitely one of those 20/20/hindsight situations...we at least have the plans now......and they are great!

(So I was going to post the plans....but they are PDF and I can't figure out how to make them into a picture...any suggestions blog world??)