Back on the Wagon!

Alright Friends...we are back on the wagon....for the moment! We have a little two week reprieve from weddings so it feels like we can come up for air and get something done! I thought I would share a little business update this morning. The biggest change around here is that we have hired an employee!! She was our intern last summer and in March we officially made her an offer. Her job vacillates between watching the kiddos so we can make meetings and get work done and taking some of the workload off of us (look for her weekly blog segment starting this week!). She did her own solo event April 6th and did a wonderful job. We have recently put her in charge of a design client on one of our three wedding days (third this year) and I think she will do great!

 It is so different communicating with an employee than it is your partner/sister. It has definitely been a learning experience on our end because we are used to just making assumptions about all parties involved with C and D and now, well, we just can't do it!  As much as she is learning how to be our employee we are learning how to be employers for the first time...I am sure we will look back and feel bad about all of our shortcoming there...thank God she is loyal, flexible, and so team C and D!

I think we are on our tenth wedding this season and have lots more in the coming weeks..look for some gorgeous pictures in the near future!