A little preview

Hey blog family! So, we have fallen off the blogging wagon - terrible, I know. We are seriously barely surviving at the moment planning flawless events, building a venue, and managing families of 4. But, we have a lot in store for you over the next few weeks. What do you have to look forward to??

1. A new blogger! We are going to introduce you to our new employee and her new blog segment - get excited!

2. Wedding pictures - lots of events to update you on coming up

3. Business updates

4. Venue progress...lack of progress..and some serious drama..oh.my.goodness!

5. A fun DIY project

6. What not to do with Mercury Glass

7. The reveal of the competition from MONTHS ago

8. Ways to beat the heat for a summer wedding


Some pictures of how we utilize all hands - even the toddlers - during wedding season.

Hope you guys are excited!!