Venue Update

I am sure these will be coming fast and furious in the next couple of months as it seems like things are happening quite quickly now (not quick enough for Dana)! This past week was exciting;  as you saw in this post we set the stakes and determined the set backs (yeah!). A few more exciting things happened:

1. We chose the windows! So I went into the meeting thinking I wanted one thing and we fell in love with something else. Of course it was more expensive...thanks Dana for pointing them out! These windows are PERFECT though! They have the simulated divided lights, paintable or stainable interior, and aluminum clad Bronze exterior. They are casement style, meaning they swing out instead of up like a double hung, which gives them an older feel. I think they were made specifically for meet at that particular moment in time...and be installed in our venue!

This is similar ...but ours are a little less busy(we are doing only 8 lites)

2. We chose the Front Door! And the back Dana pointed out that she wants a front door for the back door as well....I understand why she feels that way...most people will be getting married in front of the back door (in the courtyard, between the carriage house ballrooms) and so it should be grand. But what a budget buster! I LOVE the door is exactly what I was looking for and only a few hundred over budget....(we can't keep that up!)
Two of these please!
3. We chose the Bricks and the Shingles! So not as exciting as the windows and doors I know. However, the exciting thing is that Triangle has "short stacks" available and we can get the bricks at a discounted maybe we can afford that extra front door after all! 

So, lots of fun choices made this week! I am sure we will have more to update next week... It all seems so surreal and picking out these details is like taking a vision out of my head and being able to touch and feel it! Crazy I know....