Thursday Check in!

Question: How are you feeling about Spring wedding season?

Courtney: Pretty good....I feel like if we can get through April 27th it will be smooth sailing from there! We have 3 weddings that day and 2 a rehearsal dinner...and a superfluous barrel drop off. We will definitely need all hands on deck that weekend! While I am chomping at the bit to get started on our building is probably a good thing that we aren't doing anything with that right now...after the 27th will be good! The month of May is really all Dana (woo hoo)! We have that employee now so it is not necessary to do all events together...Mikhail and I are actually going to have some friends over one weekend in May (crazy I know!)  June though....that is another story...maybe Dana can have a cook out that month...or do some painting (ha!)

Dana: I feel better after this weekend. I made about a bazillion lists and have all my final numbers/arrangements in for April. I am excited about the design we have going on. It is some super neat and cute stuff and I am stoked to see it come to life! I also really love our spring brides. I can not wait to see them get married and have a fantastic day! I am looking forward to June when I get to take more of a backseat to the weddings and I will enjoy the break for sure! But overall, it's wedding season! In this business, how could you not love it?