Happy Birthday!!

This post actually should have been posted yesterday...but the day was just too busy! It was Dana's birthday yesterday...and the beginning of her last year in her twenties! Pretty soon she will be stepping over to the dark side with me....You know, because we don't have enough in common as it is! Words can not describe my relationship with my sister...it is some other worldly connection that we have with one another and I am so grateful to have it. It is one of the most important things in my life!I thought I would just announce that publicly!


First of all, where has the year gone?? It seems like just last year we were driving down to Florida on your birthday...celebrating you with cupcakes (you made your self) in a McDonald's play space! I want to let you know how much having you in my life means to me...before another year creeps up on us again!

1. You make my life possible! Seriously your role should be Courtney Support. I could not do everything that I do without you there. You are always willing to take the kids, run an errand, or just fill in the gaps for me when I can not do it all or life becomes to much. For that I am so very grateful - more than I can express here!

2. You are the Creative force behind C and D. I am always amazed by the creative things you can produce! I am still in awe of how you taught yourself how to use adobe illustrator to create our logo and then all the other things that you do with it (I am so not involved there...I don't even know!) Without you, C and D could not be what it is today...and probably WOULDN'T be today!

3. You are my sounding board. Whenever I need to vent and make no sense....you help me sort out what I am trying to say and come up with productive ideas to fix my emotional moment! I am never in the back of my mind worrying about your judgement on a situation. I love that I can be completely honest with you...no matter how dark or wrong I feel my thoughts are.

You are so much more to me than these three things! But I want you to know what an asset you are to me and how much I value, respect, and admire you. You a a beautiful person (inside and out),  a great Mom, a thoughtful wife (I'm taking my cues from you here), a brilliant sister, and loyal friend. God knew what he was doing when He sent you to me on 4-4 all those years ago...and everyday I am thankful to Him for it!