Best Laid Plans.....

The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a lesson in that old adage:

"the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray"

Not that we are not used to changes in the plans....we are practically Gumby over here, we are that flexible; but we have had to make some pretty big changes here lately and I thought it might be fun to review!

Just for kicks...I thought it would be fun to review the original venue timeline we were batting around: 

Venue Timeline – my thoughts

February 2012 – Close on property
March 2012 – Finalize plans for cottage and main house
April 2012 – Have quotes for septic, Foundations, Framing, roofing, and Siding on cottage 
May 2012 – Hopper house on the market
June 2012 – Have cottage “dried In” working on finishing inside components on the weekends
August 2012 – Hoppers Move into Cottage/house sells
October 2012 – Start construction on Bed and Breakfast 
January 2013 – Main house Dried in/C and D to do the wedding show to attract Fall Brides
April 2013 – Kadwells to put their house on the market
May 2013 – House finished and closed out (This gives us 8 months of construction time)
July 2013 – Landscaping and furnishings
August 2013 – Launch Party
September 2013 – First wedding

So ....I know that is comical now! We are only about 9 months late on the house selling (on my end) but a couple months early on the Kadwell's house selling (yeah). While we are not going to have a September wedding...we could theoretically have a November or  December wedding...which doesn't seem too far off. I think we have given ourselves 2 seconds now to get that landscaping up and the house furnished...we are still having that launch party though! 

Recently we have nixed a cottage, added an apartment, added a wooden fence, shortened the wooden fence (due to budget constraints), added a roof deck to the concourses, took out the concourses altogether(can't afford them), added in stamped concrete, changed that to Chapel Hill Grit, took out an office (sad day), and changed some brick to Hardie board. 

We have not even started construction people! 

I am interested to see what we end up with when it is all said and done...I can only imagine what else is going to be changing over the course of the next 6 - 8 months! Stay tuned!