And we are back!

So we are home from our whirlwind Ikea trip and it was exhausting! We did, however, get soooo much accomplished...planned one kitchen in its entirety (cabinets, counters, faucet, sink, and hardware), one kitchen with everything but the faucet, and the venue kitchen has cabinets, hardware, and a range! We saved a ton of money buying it now (they are having their 20% off sale) and it is nice to know that it's finished and we will not have to be making these decisions when we are right in the middle of construction! We will just have to assemble and install...ha!

We were there so long that our kitchen designer had to take 2 breaks and a lunch. It was a long day! We did learn a couple of things that might benefit you in your Ikea kitchen design:

1. They have delivery...and it is reasonable! We drove to Charlotte with a plan to load up a U-haul,  drive the truck back to our shed,  and unload our three kitchens into a shed in the back yard. When we asked about delivery, we decided that anything under 400.00 would be worth was 199.00 flat rate for EVERYTHING! Let me tell you, that was a load off our shoulders!

2. Might seem obvious, but the drawer units cost more than the door units. When designing your Ikea kitchen just remember the more drawers you put in the more money you will spend!

3. Almost everything can be changed out later. This is the great thing about the Ikea cabinet; (minus the really nice hinges and 25 year warranty) you can add/change things later. If budget is a concern can get something that will work for now and add things that you may really want but can't afford later! They all use the same base cabinets, it is what you put in them that determines the cost/function/etc.

Here is a little peak of what we have chosen....You can guess the locations!
One of the cabinet Fronts
One Kitchen's Handles!

A sink choice for one of the kitchens!
A faucet....

What goes where.?? Will be revealed in time!