We have stakes!

Yes - we have stakes..in the ground. It is all very exciting. We went out with our builder yesterday and placed the corner stakes to where the venue is going to be!! It felt so surreal thinking about seeing our dream actually on this piece of dirt.

Our builder measuring the set back. We were convinced that there was not a creek - but really, there is! That is partially due to the fact that we had no idea how far up our property went! 

Brad did lots of measuring, we did lots of standing until he told us to stand where we think our front step should be. So, we both, without hesitation, stood in the same spot and said here! 

Courtney waving from the future front step!
We staked it all and now we have to wait for environmental health to get out and stake off the gazillion septic fields we have - no seriously, we have 4! The boys are starting fence planning and going to start building soon. Can't believe it is starting...