Venue Update - The List!

I thought we would take a look back at what was going through our mind concerning this little project of ours last year. You can see a to-do list we made here ! I thought it would be fun to see how far (or not far) we have come and how the landscape has changed (not literally...figuratively of course!)

Last Year's List

1. Get Property Re-zoned       
2. Purchase rezoned Property  
3. Install a Deer Fence....this was mandated by the appearance commission          
4. Start Plantings....Very important to do this ASAP for the look we are going for
5. Court sells her house (We close this week so it is as good as done)
6. Purchase adjacent lot and get construction loan (Done in December - I forgot this was on the list...)
7. Build Cottages (yes we want to build them at the same time.....crazy I know....)
8. Dana sells her house (Closed Last week - yeah!)
9. Refinance Cottage on main venue property
10. Figure out how to finance the Venue (We have figured this out - conventional mortgages all around!)
11. Start Venue Construction
12. Have one kick-ass party (I know I just swore...but that is what it will be!)

Percentage Complete: 50% - Seems like so much less! 

This Year's List

1. Get FINAL plans from Engineer - you wouldn't think this needs a line item, but it is literally like pulling teeth!
2. Complete 1 Cottage - Change here - only doing one initially, Dana and Sam are moving over a garage...more on that I am sure!
3. Complete Garages - these are are permitted separately so can be moved into before the whole venue is done. 
4. Move in - Doesn't sound that exciting at the moment as I am right in the middle of it right now!
5. Install fence - it has moved from being a deer fence to a 8ft fence...project for the boys!
6. Start Plantings
7. Complete Venue
8. Get parking lot rezoned through the conditional use process (this is new due to the placement of the "parking lot")
9. Have one big Shebang! (We are calling it an open house!)

Well at least the list is shorter...seems like we have made some progress!