Thoughts on the Kiddos Sharing a Room.

Dana: I am actually the most nervous about this! I like my sleep - I NEED my sleep and I am worried that this transition will leave me with lots of sleepless nights. Lets be honest - it will be me getting up in the middle of the night - not the hubs. I *think* we have a good plan in place for the kid rooms - but we will see how it works out. There really isn't anywhere else for them to go - so either they figure it out or I am moving to the main house!

Courtney:  Well seeing how my kids are on OPPOSITE sleep schedules (Nora goes to bed an hour and half before Mason and wakes up after Mason) it will be a bit of adjustment to say the least! I think it will be more ideal in the cottage than in the rental as the kids will be separated a bit because their beds will be built into the walls, but by that time they will be used to sleeping in the same we will never know! I know it is possible - I mean, Dana and I shared a room (a bed even ....that is another post entirely) for most of our young lives and it seemed to work out! I think the trick for us is to get Mason in bed without waking up Nora or let Nora stay up until Mason is ready for bed and try to put them all down together...I'm sure there will be an updated post to this one :)