Suggestions Appreciated!

Happy Monday! At least for most it is a short week given that Good Friday is this week...Yeah for a 3 day weekend! We don't have any events this weekend and it is literally the calm before the storm....We have planned a trip or have an event(s) for the next 5 weekends.

Dana and I took advantage of our free weekend this past week and had a business meeting over margaritas (yes these are productive...) and one of the biggest discussion points was hashing out the budget we have given ourselves for interior finishes. Let me tell you friends, it is tight! What we want does not come cheaply and in many situations we can not sacrifice the look of the venue for a break in price. We started with the non-negotiable item - the floors (those HAVE to be site finished wood floors) as there would never be a good time to change those out...given that we are going to be booked ALL the time :)

Things that can be changed without TOO much hassle would be ....vanities, mirrors, even door hardware. These are negotiable items....that's where you guys come in...any suggestions for where we can snag these up for a steal??? We know about the re-store..and believe me we will be haunting that place over the next few months, but it is hard to get a real uniform look there. Leave your suggestions in the comment section below....if you blogged about it, link it back! We would love to see/hear about your will just encourage us to keep looking!