Moving + Kids = Comical Situations

So Courtney here with a moving update as we are right in the middle of it! We are feeling pretty good about the move and getting everything done before the 3/21 closing. Honestly (so far) it is not as stressful as I thought it would be...famous last words right? We started taking loads over last Thursday and Dana dropped my kids off at the house we are borrowing (that is what Mason calls it) while I moved some of the C and D stuff into the downstairs bedroom (I could write a whole post on how much stuff C and D has!)

First Mason had to go to the bathroom...which is when we realized that the water was not turned on. This is an easy problem to fix as Mason would actually prefer to go outside. About ten minutes later I realized I had not gone all day and I REALLY had to go! The conversation went something like this....

Me: I have to go to the bathroom too.

Mason: Oh....Do you have to go pee or poopy?

Me: Pee

Mason:  Well you can just go outside like me.

Me: Mommies can't do that sweetie.

Mason: Is that 'cause you have a "bagina" ?

Me: Yes

Mason: Well, How bad do you have to go??

Me: Pretty Bad....

Mason: Well we will just have to go to a neighbor then!

He starts marching, very resolutely toward the back door.

I love moments like this! First, Mason is really such a sweetie and has a very "problem solving" nature. Secondly, Kids have a way of providing a stress relief in an otherwise stressful situation. I know there will be many more stories like this derived from our move/build/moving again!