We are so slack!

Do I even need to address the fact that we have not blogged since Monday! Why, yes - yes, I do. We have been super busy, but also, our heads are going a mile a minute trying to get this project off the ground. Our contractor we had originally decided to go with backed out, so we are interviewing new ones along with trying to get bids from them - which takes time. We got some feedback from the bank and goodness gracious we need a lot of money. So, we have been approaching this at every angle possible to try and make all the tiny pieces fit together. Along with that, our engineer is taking FOREVER and I swear I am 2 seconds away from having a hernia.

Oh, and we are packing...with kids. I can't even describe the state that my house is in. I seriously started crying on Sunday as I was packing my china. My china people - something I rarely use. But as Sam was outside fixing this and that per the new owner's request, I was having big alligator tears and sobs over leaving. I know there is something bigger and better than here - but I can't help but feel attached to the house we brought our babies home in. Maybe I am just a softie...

Wedding Season is fast approaching along with 7 weddings we are doing florals for - and that is just from April to June. We officially booked our 19th event last week! Woot Woot! So business is good and right on track for a 40-45 wedding year.

So...we are busy wedding planning, designing  chatting with brides, consumed by projects and how to squeeze every last dime we have, and oh yes..we have those dang kids! Seriously - I love it when I have the laptop open, one kid sitting next to me reading Cinderella and the other sucking his thumb and holding my hand - wouldn't trade that time for anything..well maybe a nap :)