DIY Friday

Well I don't have much for you today in the way of an actual project....been too busy with selling my house over here (woo hoo)!! I am sooo ready to move out of this museum (that is basically what it is when you have your house on the market...just an image of American Families in still life) and on to building. We have been talking at length about some of the cost associated with construction and the VERY tight budget we have to do everything. So we have been talking about the logistics of what we can actually do ourselves. So you can look forward to lots of DIYs in the very near (hopefully) future!

Some of the DIY's on the Table

-Electrical - probably not recommended for most but my husband was an electrician for over 10 years and still has lots of connections

-Painting - this seems like the most logical one as it doesn't take and license or anything to paint....but I really DO NOT like to do it...oh well...I am sure this one will fall primarily on Dana and I too!

-Trim - Mikhail is actually quite handy and trimmed out our upstairs...which consequently is LARGER than the cottage...

-Flooring - We thought about having them professionally installed and then finishing them?? Or if we go with a prefinished product, we may just lay them.

-Fence - This is actually a pretty big and potentially expensive project on the property....and Sam has bee talking about tackling it....Months long people!

-This Beauty - Mikhail makes cabinets too...we just don't think he can make them we thought about doing the majority of the kitchen stock or unfinished and spraying them then move in and have M build this around the fridge....

Pinned Image
Love this...all that storage...and we have no pantry planned!

Sounds busy to me when I list it all out....the contractor says from Ground breaking to C/O he could build one of these little cottages in 2 months...I am sure we will hold it up a bit by doing some of the hopefully 3 months?!?