Courtney's Outfit Inspiration

Well....This is not said in an effort to garner votes...but I really think Dana is going to take this one! I was feeling quite uninspired concerning this project and while I like what I have now....I REALLY like what Dana has!

On to my inspirations:

I started out with a green 16 W (what does that W mean anyways...) dress...and tried to make it into a dress...but that didn't work I decided to go with a skirt instead!

Here is my shape inspiration
Which I thought would look cute with leggings
With a black silk shirt and a blazer...kinda like this

And a Cute Tassel necklace like this!

So those are my inspirations....I think it will be cute and sexy....Great Date night option! I Definitely think I can get lots of use out of the Tassel Necklace!