Venue Update!

We bought some land....again! We closed on the second piece of property December 27th. We are keeping this piece zoned residential and it will house at least one of the cottages and the venue's parking lot....So I guess we bought a parking lot!

Closing went real hang ups...we are definitely ready to start building on this piece of dirt! I thought I would outline some of the steps pertaining to this piece of property.

  • Get a perk test done - I think we are going to go for the "maximum perk" option again just to give us the most never know when you will need them!
  • Research fees associated with building the cottage (water hook up, permit, school impact etc...)
  • Get plans approved with the county
  • Start this shindig! We may start getting stuff done the clearing, foundation, etc...if finances permit as it will speed along the completion of the project when we do FINALLY sell the house. 
Well that is it for exciting venue news this week....we hope to update on this topic a lot more this year!