The husband

I am totally obsessed with this song. Every single time I hear it, I have to hold it together. It is not that the hubs and I are going through anything or having a hard time. But it (the song) just consistently reminds me of our commitment to each other. I can see the look on his face as I am walking down the aisle as clear as day. I remember the butterflies, excitement and just the pure joy that was evident not only on his face, but on mine. I remember saying our vows and looking into his eyes realizing that he was everything I wanted.  It reminds me of how much I love him and he loves me. It makes me think of the hard times we have had and how we worked through it - loving our commitment more than each other at times. It also makes me think of the future - all the rough skies ahead and all the things we have not gone through.

Let's be honest - I am not asking him to just sell our house, but to also leave a house he (and I) love, trust our business plan, dip into savings, live in a smaller house, and to trust this crazy dream. But as we walk down this unfamiliar path, uprooting our little family, putting our eggs all in one very fragile basket, I can not imagine a more supportive partner to walk through it with. So Thank You Sam! You are the reason I get to pursue my dreams and I am so very grateful for you.