Random Musings:Living in an Apartment

Topic of the day: What are your thoughts on living in an apartment??

Courtney: Well, since it means my house is sold I am completely fine with it! We walked the apartment today and it was nice, everything we need...but did anyone else realize how small 1000 square feet is?!? It hit me as I was walking the space that this is actually larger than the cottages....and it is not that large! Now the cottages are two stories so I think that may help with the illusion of having space...and we are going to add those sunrooms asap....but seriously, nothing like 1000 square feet to make you pare down!

I am sooooo excited (as mentioned several times on this blog) to be moving to Apex and mostly to be next to Dana....not that I love her that much (I mean I love her a lot) but how convenient to run to the store or schedule a meeting or God forbid go on a date when your sister lives right next door! I hope Dana is ready....I mean I will reciprocate...of course...I may even consider returning my (her) favorite scarf....

Dana: I am already stressed! Small spaces make me anxious if anything is out of place and I have 2 toddlers! So, I am a little worried about my nerves at the end of it all but I am so excited for what it means...we are building our dream! Now, I like my space. I would rather have extra bedrooms than just enough. I like a place where I can go and NOT hear the TV or the kids. I like my own little retreat. Well, 4-6 months of apartment living is not going to kill me, but it will be a good prep for living in the cottage. They do have a 24 hour gym and pool...maybe I will get down to my Pre-Ada size! Ha!

As for the constant Hoppers in my house...What else is new :)