Friday DIY: Financial Binder

I had another idea in mind for today that also related to files/finances/papers etc...but it is not ready for sharing (I know same story as last weekend) It has been quite busy around here lately between kids/organizing/engagement season! I do have a little project to share with you today on how the hubs and I are going to (try) organizing our finances for the year. Mikhail recently said that he feels like he is not included in all of the financial/family decisions that go on around here and I thought if I could organize it all in one place we could have a monthly meeting and discuss our progress towards goals and budgets for the month. Enter: The Financial Binder!!

Just a regular binder - I plan on "prettying" it up with some festive paper.

4 Packs of "inspirational" folders - I hole punched these and labeled them with a month.
I made this little printable in Word - I intentionally left it vague so we can add things that pertain to that month. 

I will keep current month stuff in the front of the binder - then  "file" it in the appropriate month's folder when the month is over. At the end of the year I should have a years worth of bills in one concise spot!