Cousin love!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend...we had a loooong weekend over here (which normally is a good thing) However, what made it so long was the amount of times we were kicked out of the house for showings! I know that is the general idea of how you want things to go when you list your house...and it is great...really....but the third missed nap time starts to take its toll on everyone! Good news coming though...I can feel it!

On to the post.....There are sooo many reasons why  am excited about my future neighbors: savings on gas, double the wardrobe, secret commune dreams fulfilled....But one of the main reasons I am excited is because of our kid's relationship! There is a ton of cousin love between these four! Nora is obsessed with Henry (Henry not so much...) and Henry is enamoured with Mason...but where is is most clearly seen is between Ada and Mason! They love eachother so much and 90% of the time are super sweet, caring, and giving to eachother. The last time Ada was over she had a runny nose and everytime she started to get upset about needing a tissue Mason would go and get her one. When Mason told Ada he wanted to be the first one in the bath tub she patiently waited and told him "ok you can be first." This would NEVER happen with his sister....not the same relationship.

I can't wait (and Mason can't either) until we are a gate or path away from eachother and can spend the night on a spur of the moment. I can see so many sleepovers, giggles, and explorations between the four of them! I would have loved to grow up next to my cousins when I was younger...and I am happy that our kid will have that memory!

I will leave you with a conversation that Dana had with Ada on the way over to my house one day.

Ada: I like Mason's Face
Dana: You do?
Ada: Yes, I love his body too.
Dana: Yeah?...
Ada: I also like his voice. He talks nice to me.
Dana: Well that is good.
Ada: And sometimes he talks mad to me and that just makes me sad because I love him!