2013 Predictions....

We anticipate 2013 to be a pivotal year over here at C and D Events...we have lots of expectations on what is to come in the next 12 months....I thought it would be fun to document some of them in the form of predictions on the upcoming year. Dana and I have answered separately of each other so it will be interesting to see who comes the closest with their guesses. (got to keep the sibling rivalry alive!)

1. Number of Weddings in 2013:
   Courtney :42 (The expanded advertising budget had better pay off!)
   Dana - Hey - you stole my number!! I will be a little bit more optimistic and go with 43 :)

2. When Dana's House will sell: 
    Courtney:Before mine! For a more precise guess....end of Feb sometime.
    Dana: Oh Lord - I hope Courtney is right! But I am thinking Mid March

3. When Courtney's House will sell
    Courtney: Stands to reason that is will be after Dana's based on my previous prediction....End of march??
    Dana: Let's be Positive!! I think beginning of March ( there was a lot sold in her neighborhood that time last year ).

4. When the venue will be finished and/or usable:
     Courtney: October 1st - feeling positive here.....Christmas wedding anyone?
     Dana: I hope that is the case! But I am the voice of reason here and I am thinking it will be ready for November brides.

5. When the first wedding will be booked at the venue (not the date of the
       event, the date of the booking)
     Courtney: December 1st 2013
     Dana: I think January 2nd 2014 - engagement season!

6. How many Followers on the blog by the end of the year:
     Courtney: Hopefully a lot more than we have now! .....64
     Dana: I think 50 - come one people!! Follow us - you know you want to!!

7. How many comments by the end of the year: 
      Courtney: Again...hoping for more this year...would love to hear from everyone out there.....135 (I think
                      YHL does that in an hour ha!)
      Dana: We can never by YHL :) But I am shooting just for 100