Yarn Tree

Happy 5 Days of Christmas!! I know, I know....it is upsetting that this is the 5th day....but keep the spirit alive and do a project or two and tell us all about it! We would love to hear about your improvements and modifications....starting with this one! (there is definitely room for improvement!)

I messed with this thing over and over again! Thought it would be the easiest and ended up being a bit more time consuming than I thought.....I could have made 2 pajama pants in the time it took me to make this one tree! I will type the tutorial under the pictures but before then......

Helpful Hints in your Yarn Tree Endeavor:

1. Make sure there are no big gaps. Big gaps = Floppy tree
2. Don't try to remove until it is nice and crispy....or again you will have a floppy tree.
3. Glitter while your glue is wet (seems obvious) or you may have to re-glue
4. Re-gluing means the whole thing will be floppy again.

Learn from my mistakes.....or you two may experience a bit of yarn-tree frustration! (tis the season)

The Supplies- Cone shaped Floral foam, Glue, Vaseline, and Yarn
Start by smearing your floral foam with Vaseline. You want a pretty thick coat. 

You want to drench your yarn in glue - I used a plate to our my glue  on a pulled my yarn through it.

My first try - Not enough yarn my friend!

Added more yarn and had a helper smear it with glue

This time we decided to add some glitter to make it more  festive.
Let it dry over night and then CAREFULLY pull the cone out from under it. 

Finished product, I hope to have a more stylized picture for you when I finish decorating that area of the house where it is going.
I know it leans a bit....But I think I can work with that in a tablescape of sorts...stay tuned for another picture!