Welcome to 5 days of Christmas!! We are on Day 4, and I have a good one for ya! Well- it is quite lengthy, but so worth it..

Every year - EVERY.YEAR - I tell Sam I am going to make us stockings. It never happens. Luckily this little blog made me follow through with it. I scoured the internet one night to find a style I liked. I liked way too many! I couldn't narrow it down. I then sat and thought about how mad I would be if I made red stockings and say, 5 years down the road, I wanted to switch my red and gold mantle decor' for silver and purple. The stockings wouldn't match and in my type A fashion, I would insist on new ones. So in preservation of my marriage and sanity, I decided to go with a neutral design. I LOVE them. They are so cute, and I actually really enjoyed making them! 

Please excuse the antenna. I already moved it once to put up the decorations and when the hubs could not get the football game, you would have thought I shot his dog. I couldn't move it again..

I have made collages of sorts for each major step. It is helpful if you click on the picture to enlarge it. Enjoy and feel free to ask questions!

Dad Stocking - farthest right

Step 1: Cut out pieces of fabric, batting, and muslin

Step2: Quilt and sew together

Step 3: Cut out and hem one side of the cuff

Step 4: Make and sew pleats

Step 5: Sew cuff to stocking

Step 6: Make the tassels 

Step  7: Make ribbon and finish

Ada Stocking - 2nd from right

Step 1: cut out fabric, muslin, and sew together

Step 2: Cut out cuff, make and sew on pleats

Step 3: Sew cuff onto the stocking, add bow, and finish

Henry Stocking - farthest left

Step 1: Cut out fabric, muslin, and sew together

Step 2: Make the cuff

Step 3: Attach cuff to stocking, make tassels and finish!

Mom Stocking - 2nd from left

This is actually an upcycle - all I did was redo the cuff - so it is just one step. If you wanted to make from scratch, follow the dad stocking until the cuff.