It's Monday!

I hope everyone enjoyed our 5 days of Christmas last week! I know I really enjoyed doing the projects and I would LOVE for some people to try it out and give us some feedback. You know you want to!!

It's Monday - and while being a small business owner, your weekends are never truly free - it is still nice to have a little break, a little less pressure, and time to just be. As I was drinking my coffee this morning, I started making a list of all the things I needed to get done while the sitter was here and it just seemed overwhelming. Although it is nothing compared to wedding season - it still seems like so much! Is it just the fact that it is Monday? I am not sure. It just seems that no matter how much time is in the day, I always have something to do, someone to respond to, and something to update. As our advertiser/accountant - it is never ending. Yet, as I was making my list feeling slightly overwhelmed and looking at the clock as to how I am going to get it all done, I was grateful for the ability, drive, and motivation to get it done.

I use to feel like this!
You see - I've been burnt out before. I have put my heart and soul into something and just got tired of it. I was tired of the people I interacted with, the job I had to do, and the constant pressure to rise to the challenge. It is not like that with this job. I should be burnt out. I should be exhausted of looking at design ideas, making timelines, confirming vendors, uploading pictures, balancing check books, making advertising decisions and budgets for 2013. But I am not. I enjoy my Mondays because on Mondays for about 4 hours, I am solely a small business owner. I get the opportunity to look at our business and figure out how to make it better, more efficient, more profitable, and more manageable. I enjoy this aspect of the business - something I never thought I would ever say or even be good at! But here we are - it's Monday, and I am oh so grateful.