Flannel Pajama Pants

Merry 5 Days of Christmas!! Every year (well most years) we try to take a pajama picture of the kiddos on Christmas Eve. It is fun to look back and see how much they have changed in the past year...and it is nice to get a picture of them all together...not an easy task...but one we deem worth while! This year instead of purchasing pajamas, I decided that I would make them! Joann's was having a killer sale on flannel for Black Friday and I decided to put my ideas into action!

I saw a great tutorial on Pinterest (here) and used her directions to make mine (got to give credit where it is due!) My first pair ended up great...fit great, right length, etc....second pair (Henry's) I used a pair of his pajama pants and the butt ended up a little weird.....Third pair (Nora's) I just tried on her and they are too small....so now Henry has a future pair!

So while it does seem simple....a couple of tips!
1. It is better to make it wider than you think you need...you are going to cinch the waste with elastic so no need to cut yourself short here.
2. Surgers make things smaller! I know, seems obvious, but well...thought I would mention it!
3. It is worth the ironing step....don't try to skip it, it will make things so much easier in the end!

Using an existing pair of pants (folded in half down the middle) as a template, I folded the fabric so that the two outside edges are touching. This makes two folded seems along the sides. I lined up the straight part of my pants along the folded edge. Repeat on  other side. 

I gave about an extra inch and a half to all my edges.

Place the two sides right side facing. and sew from the top until the end of the curve. 

Place the curved seems in the middle (this is now the front and back of your pants) and sew up the legs. 

I ironed a 1.5 inch cuff for the waste band and the hem. I used the inch wide elastic and threaded it through using a safety pin.

Finished product...Mason loved them!
Reflections on pants making: So...since these I have made Mason another pair of pants in about 30 minutes. He literally sat next to me last night and watched me make them....(he has a severe lack of pajamas...and I told him that these (snow globe ones)  have to stay white until Christmas Eve) If you have a good template...it will work out every time and be super simple...if you don't, well...frustration will ensue! I am going to try on a pair of Mason's old Pj's before I attempt another pair for Nora...and Ada!