Felt Ornaments!

Welcome to the 5 Days of Christmas! We will feature a different craft each day this week in an effort to put you in the Christmas mood! Whether you need some gift inspiration or are in decorating rut...there should be something for all this week. You do not have to be a craft genius either....many of these projects are low on the skill level!

On to the crafts! Today I am featuring a little project on Felt Ornaments. I saw these on Pinterest and thought they would be super cute attached to a little package of biscotti (the orange/choc/almond variety...recipe at a future date). I love how imperfect and kitchy they are, you don't need any real skill to put them together. I did need to brush up on my blanket stitch as I tried on my own for about an hour to no avail! Enter: You Tube. I found a great little video on how to do the blanket stitching to close my two pieces...you don't even have to put the sound on, just grab your felt, needle, and thread and stitch along with the tutorial!

Materials: (these cost me about 20 cents each!...great teacher gift idea)
Felt (at least 3 colors)
Thread (I used embroidery)

I used a chalk pen to outline my shape (regular chalk will do,  I was just using what I had on hand)
My shape all cut out!

A random shape for the accent!

I stitched this on in a contrasting color

I made a little "button" out of a felt circle and sewed it on in an 'X' pattern.

I sewed my ribbon on the inside of the back panel (Note to self, make sure you match up the pieces first)
The Stuffing!

Blanket stitched the two pieces together and left a little hole to stuff near the top, finished the stitching and Voila!

Please note how imperfect these are! The more imperfect, the better they look!