DIY: Christmas tree branch

Welcome to 5 Days of Christmas!! Can you tell we are super excited this week to reveal what we have been up to? It is Day 2, and I, Dana, am going to enlighten you on the easiest DIY project ever. Well, I am not sure EVER, but it is pretty easy :)

I saw this picture on Pinterest...isn't that how everything starts?!? But seriously, I saw this picture on Pinterest..

Branch out from conventional tablescapes by using an extra-long tree limb as a platform for displaying ornaments. Simply knot lengths of twine around the branch and hang it from a row of five or six ceiling hooks    Read more: DIY Christmas Decorations - Handmade Christmas Decoration Craft Ideas - Country Living

I was drawn to the simple, yet different tablescape. This year has really made me want to decorate and try something new. I saw it, pinned it, and then didn't look at it again because, who has time to hang a branch? I can tell you - you do. It literally took me 20 minutes from start to finish (not counting picking out the branch- that took much too long) and about 10 minutes to decorate. So easy! 

The Tutorial...

That is it! Seriously - that easy. The one trick I would say is that if you do hang it this way, you have to be deliberate about your ornaments. You have to make sure the weight is evenly distributed or else it will be off balance. One solution is to tie it to the ceiling with hooks at multiple places. 

Now for the decorations..

I love it. It makes me smile when I walk into the dining room! Anyone else gonna try??