When I look back at 2012..

I know it is not the end of the year, and I am a little early for reflecting on this past year, but I can't help it. I was texting with our real estate agent this morning giving her an update on the bank from last week, and the timeline for our house to be put on the market.

Total side note: Martha is awesome! She has worked so hard for us - she has negotiated, traipsed through woods, investigated, helped with zoning (even represented us on our final meeting when I was in labor!), and has guided us with fantastic advice. She has been awesome! If anyone needs an agent - check her out.  

Anyways - we were talking about timeline and what not and she said: "You will be amazed at what you have done when you look back on this year. I think this year and the next will be historic for you both." She is so right. When I think about where we were just a year ago, where we are right now, and where we are going to be - it is amazing. Not only are we building a venue - but we have really rocked it out this year! C and D has been blowing our events out of the water and we have made some great connections in this industry. We are on the path to do even more weddings next year and I am so stoked to see what we will design and execute. We have 2  really great planners on board that are part time right now, but we are hoping by summer/fall they will be full time employees.

I couldn't help but let my mind go to this time next year. We will either have a venue, or be almost done with it. I am so proud that we have started this process - we took a dream and have fine tuned and developed a tangible plan that is going to be successful. I know that when we look back at 2012 - we will say that this was the year that changed it all. It was the beginning of a wonderful journey and one year that we will never forget.