Venue Update!

Well, friends, the struggle continues! Everything looked good to go a couple weeks ago concerning financing for the first cottage! We were excited and ready to be working/building the all came crashing down (again) yesterday when the bank informed us that financing the venue itself would be an issue if we had a mortgage out on the cottage. Well we can't sacrifice financing the main house for a back to plan K (I really don't know how many ways we have worked this out so far!)

I think Dana and Sam will just list the house after the holidays, it will still probably sell be for mine (ha!) and rent something for a few months while the main house is built. We will try to place both cottages on the property Mikhail and I are buying and hopefully it will all be done at the same time so they can just move into the one house!

I told Dana maybe one day we will look back at this process and have a good laugh and she sad probably not....well at least we will be stronger for it....probably!