So thankful

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is having a restful Thanksgiving. We are in Florida visiting family and having a great time :) I wanted to take a moment to pause and say what we are thankful for..

I am thankful for an awesome husband who has stood by and let me pursue my dreams! He has supported our family not only financially, but emotionally, and physically. He is such a rock and I am so grateful for all that he does! 

I am thankful that I have two healthy kids who are the light of my life. They bring joy and laughter to my life every day and I can't imagine not waking up to these two kiddos. 

I am thankful for my sister and business partner. She has busted her tail this year and is the reason we are successful. She is poised under pressure, has a great business mind, and is fantastic with flowers. Even though we fight/argue - and she is not the most organized - I can't imagine being in business with anyone else. I am so proud to be her sister and partner. I am so excited for the venture we are about to go on. 

I am thankful for all of the people in my life that make my life possible! I call it the Courtney support system! That includes, first and foremost, my husband. A close second, my sister and all of the friends and relatives that help here and there to allow me to pursue my dreams and run my business. When they say it takes a village.....they weren't lying!

I am so very thankful for my babies....they bring new meaning to my life and give me so much purpose! They are pure sunshine and can brighten even the darkest of times in my life!

I am thankful for God's grace and mercy! Lord knows he has extended it to me when I don't deserve it and cushions my fall when I have made a misstep! He is always there, patiently waiting for me, even when I have ignored him far too long!