Happy Monday!

Just a quick blurb here to let you know we are alive and (kind of) well! We had a great Thanksgiving....Dana is still in Florida visiting with the rents until Wednesday...don't worry though, she gave us a little gift (illness) to remember her by on the way down! Her kids have had some cough/fever/congestion thing and now my oldest has gotten it too! Gotta love this time of year!

On a brighter note, scored some great black Friday Deals....gifts for the kids, cousins, and what not! Also procured some great flannel fabric to make the kiddos pajama pants for our Christmas photo...look for that tutorial in the near future!

That leads me to our 5 days of Christmas series that we will be running next week! 5 Crafts in 5 Days, all related to decorating/gift giving/general Festivities! Now I have published that so it must be true! Better get Crafting!!

  5 Days of Christmas - starting December 3rd!!!