Fingers crossed

This is me today
Sam and I have unofficially been pre-approved for a construction loan for the cottage. We are going today to finalize and get a formal approval letter so that we can start building right away. When we originally put an offer on the land, the plan all along was to get a construction loan. Check out the full story here. As you know - that did not happen, so we shelved the idea and I tried to make myself okay with the fact that we were going to sell our house before building the cottage and praying that we had some temporary solution that did not include staying with Sam's parents for 3 months. I tried. I really did. I tried to be patient - but I am not a patient person and I started going back at it. I crunched the numbers and I just couldn't see why we would not be able to approved for this loan! So I made a couple of calls, filled out lots of applications and we found a bank that is willing to work with us! I am so excited, but not letting myself get too hopeful until I see the letter in my hands that we are ready to start building. So, keep your fingers crossed for us as we go in at 9:30 this morning!!

I will update tomorrow..

**Update** The meeting went really well! We have a few more hurdles, but nothing too major -I think. It looks like we will be able to start building after Christmas and have it be done around March or April! Thanks for all the good thoughts sent our way this morning!