DIY Box Centerpiece

A few weekends ago we did the florals for our full plan bride. She sent us a picture of a centerpiece that was in a wooden box. We did not have access to those boxes, so she told us that her dad would make them foe her. They turned out so cute! AND they let us keep them :) The dad was so tickled that we loved his boxes so much. Anywho - here is a DIY on how to make a centerpiece in a box like container.


  • Box or solid colored vase
  • Yogurt container (32oz) size
  • Floral oasis
  • 1 white hydrangea
  • 2 baby green hydrangea
  • 2 purple stock
  • 4 Green roses
  • 1 purple dahlia
  • 4 orange tea roses
  • 4-6 stems of purple vulcan lisianthus
  • 1 orange rose
  • 4-5 stems of green hypericum berries
  • 2-3 stems of verigated pit
  • 2 stems of echinops
  • 2 stems of white orchid

The box! 

I cute the yogurt container to be a little bit lower than the top of the box. I soaked the oasis and then placed into the container. If you are using a solid vase that WILL NOT leak water, then the yogurt container is not needed. 

Place your white hydrangea in the center. Make sure it is taller than the box, about 4-6 inches.

Place baby green hydrangea in one corner

Make sure the green hydrangea touches the edge of the box 

Add the other hydrangea on the opposite corner

Add a purple stock to a corner that does not have the green hydrangea

You want to make sure that this too touches the sides of the box

Place another stock on the opposite corner

Strip the thorns from the green rose place into arrangment

Try to fill in the gaps as much as possible with the 4 roses

Add a purple dahlia into the center

Add your orange tea roses

You want to make sure that they don't get buried

Add the purple vulcan lisianthus

Use the lizzy to fill in as many holes as possible

Add the orange rose

Use the hypericum to fill in the gaps

Looking full!

Use the verigated pit to also fill in the gaps

Shove it in there

Just the right spot

Add the echinops to fill in gaps on the bottom so that you can not see the oasis


Add two stems of white orchids and voila - you are done! 
Super cute! I loved them! They were so vibrant and a lot of fun to make! Happy Friday everyone!!