And it is over..

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! We were slammed with 3 weddings on Saturday. Courtney was in Greensboro directing the wedding of Jenny and Randy. Becca was in Clayton with Lee and Aaron and I was in Raleigh with Alyssa and Chris. Whew! It was a hectic weekend! Court stranded me - yes, read that...STRANDED me with the florals for both Lee and Alyssa. I'm just kidding - she did come and help with the bouquets for a few hours before she had to be Greensboro. She is the bouquet guru. I was up late on Friday (2am mind you..) finishing it up and then ran around like crazy on Saturday with a bride meeting and dropping off Lee's florals (twice - because I forgot the candles and bouts - my fault really - but I will blame the lack of sleep). All the while Courtney was...SHOPPING! Yes, she was having a leisurely afternoon buying cute shoes, shirts, and sunglasses (don't worry, I will benefit from it as the shirts may just fit me too).

All that to say- what a weekend! This was my last event for the year! Courtney has a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday while I will be attending a wedding (Sam's college roommate). So I guess I will have some pay back this weekend. I said goodbye to wedding season with one of my favorite couples. I have been planning Alyssa and Chris's wedding for almost a year now and I was seriously teary eyed at the rehearsal telling everyone how sad/excited that this was their wedding weekend! I LOVE the two of them. Not only is Chris the nicest guy in all the world - but he is such a gentleman and he treats Alyssa like a queen. He came to every.single.meeting. Seriously. He was so concerned with making sure that she was happy and she was concerned making sure that he got everything he wanted. It was adorable. You can tell that they just love each other so much and it makes my heart oh so happy. They were more than ecstatic on Saturday. They loved everything and everything went so well (well almost..I will have a story for you when I blog about the event). The parents were great, the guests were awesome and I could not have asked for a better wedding to end the season on.

Here I am, Monday, after a crazy weekend and an even crazier fall, thinking that I would be relieved, less stressed, and being able to just relax. The truth is, as much as I was looking forward to this little break we have, I am kinda sad. I was putting away all the glassware and wedding paraphernalia from this past weekend and the weekends prior (as I just shoved everything into the storage closet after each wedding) and I was just reflecting on all the brides we had this year. I truly loved every one. I will miss the phone calls, funny e-mails, and designing their weddings. I know we already have a good amount for next year that we are planning - but there is something about being part of someone's day. Even though you are almost like a wallflower during the wedding - you feel so a part of their family and the inner circle of their friends. You know the drama, the turmoil, and the crazy stories from the bachelorette party. You become such a friend and confidant, that it is like losing a friend at the end of each wedding. I never felt more loved than this weekend. At some point the bride was upset (a minor dress issue) and instead of asking for her mom she said, "I just want Dana!" I am not gonna lie -it made my heart melt just a little.

So - as we end an amazing year of weddings (37 total!) we want to say thank you to ALL the brides (grooms too!) - we have loved you, your families, and your friends. We can not thank you enough for letting us be a part of your day and fulfilling not only your dreams, but ours as well. We are so blessed to have such awesome clients.